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go-boy Memoirs Of A Life Behind Bars1978 is Caron's first ebook detailing his fruition increasing build-up in reformatories, prisons, and also psychological institutions right from the age of sixteen out of his thirties. Originally sent To Be Able To the Ontario Reformatory in Guelph as a teenager, for breaking and also entering, his "career" in prison grew exponentially shortly after continuous awful judgments and also indulgences of a private inner rage the Caron seemed not able To Be Able To stifle.

While They were getting marched right from the recreation centre, Caron and also a handful of inmates made a break for the woods at the fringes of the Brampton reformatory, amid fellow convicts' cries of "Go-Boy!" (a prison yell implemented when an inmate (or inmates) break right from a work specify or it could be crew in an endeavour To Be Able To escape). Caron successfully eluded the stalking prison guards and also fled, certainly not totally aware of how dismal his fruition would get over These decades. He has recaptured three days afterwards and also sent backward To Be Able To the Ontario Reformatory in Guelph, such time as a member of the general people ("gen pop").

Caron successfully broke out of thirteen prisons and also jails, in excess of almost any different criminal in Canadian history, exploits he covers in brilliant specify all through the book. Go-Boy! was granted the the1978  governor generals award for non-fiction and I have generally acknowledged for the insights into prison life. It offered in excess of 600,000 copies.

Corporal punishment

Go-Boy! covered in graphic specify how prisoners had been subjected To Be Able To corporal punishment by getting whipped includes paddles designed To Be Able To inflict physiological pain. Caron I has paddled by use of a few occasions between a short time when he has seventeen decades dated includes a 14-inch-thick (6.4 mm) leather paddle when strapped into a device he illustrated as "a mass of metal tubing contoured To Be Able To embrace a mankind and, attached To Be Able To it, shackles and also restraining straps".


In September 2004, Canadian film company Paradox Pictures secured the rights to Go-Boy! and started out develop a screenplay The following month, Paradox entered a pitch competitors at the Raindance film festival  The film adaptation, eponymously titled Go-Boy!, i has pitched To Be Able To a device of judges the added Neil  Jordin 

and the producer from bend it loves Beckham and came in firstly runner build up out of dua puluh Sembilan different submissions.


Bingo! Your Horrifying Eyewitness Account of a Prison Riot 1985 released seven decades shortly after publishing Go-Boy!, is Caron's storage of the 1971 Kingston penitentiary riot. Originally one of Go-Boy!, Caron pieced with each other outtakes right from the memoir, to provide an extensive page concerned with the Kingston riot, To Be Able To advise the tale as a divided story. Your ebook narrates the best violent prison Riot.  in Canadian history at one of the eldest prisons at the country, right from the perspective of Caron, himself an inmate at Kingston in the course of the riot.


Jojo (1988) I have Caron's first endeavour at writing fiction. In such a novel, a half-breed Hindustan using the title of Lloyd Stonechild suddenly starts his fruition by use of a reserve in Western Manitoba and develops build up To Be Able To consist of strong, handsome, and also ominously quiet. Once one awful judgement shortly after different prospects him To Be Able To prison in Kansas he undertakes a harrowing and also daring escape To Be Able To Canada. As opposed to Caron's first few books, Jojo was certainly not well received using critics who panned the lack of character depth.


Dreamscapes 1992 was Caron's present novel, a story due to a 1976 armed robbery of a brinks truck in Montreal, Quebec.

Later life

Caron, I have paroled shortly after the favourable of Go-Boy!. He finally won an agreement that includes Correctional Services Canada To Be Able To supply motivational talks To Be Able To inmates and also i has regarded a rehabilitation success. However, by use of Apr 1, 1992, Caron robbed a Zellers department retailer in Ottawa High by use of Cocaine.  and also visibly shaking right from the side effects of, Parkinson's illness he used To Be Able To flee by use of a city bus just To Be Able To consist of captured seconds afterwards using police. Caron, I have ignored bail and also held them until his trial in 1993. While awaiting trial, Caron used To Be Able To escape no lower than three times. Initially sent To Be Able To the Royal Ottawa Hospital To Be Able To go through a 30-day competency test, he used To Be Able To pry open the wire mesh concealing a window and also I have quickly sent backward To Be Able To the Ottawa Detention Centre.

Later, Caron, I have sent To Be Able To the Brockville Psychiatric Hospital for a different endeavour at a competency test. He again used To Be Able To escape out of a window however I have captured and also placed him in a padded cell. Should orderlies came To Be Able To give Caron's Parkinson's medication, he fought includes the staff and also used To Be Able To make a different break.

In autumn 1993, shortly after an extensive trial, Caron I has sentenced To Be Able To nearly 8 decades for the Zellers robbery. An additional nine months had been included To Be Able To the sentence because of the preceding year's escape attempts, and also a more nine months had been included for an attempted escape at Gatineau Maximum Security Detention Centre in Hull, Quebec from over a decade earlier, taking in Caron's entire sentence To Be Able To nine decades and 3 months. On July 15, 1994, when imprisoned at the Joyceville Institution, Caron married Barbara Prince, a not against the law secretary right from Ottawa he had previously dating before his latest incarceration. He furthermore experienced a few heart vandals and also underwent an open-heart surgical procedure by use of December 2, 1998, having a triple avoid performed. Caron I has paroled by use of December 10, 1998, partially in view of his health, and also moved To Be Able To barry bay Ontario To Be Able To consist of closer To Be Able To his new wife's family. His parole I have To Be Able To present until 2003.

On Oct 12, 2001, police, acting by use of an anonymous gadget tip, apprehended Caron at the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa for allegedly carrying a loaded Revolver. wig, scarf, different hats, and also impact of clothes. In February 2004, he has sentenced To Be Able To 20 months in prison for getting in possession of a loaded .32-calibre semi-automatic pistol at the Ottawa mall, which I have a violation of his parole. While in prison for the parole violation, Caron I has charged includes fifteen significantly more robberies the happened in Toronto in the course of the hot summer months of 2001. Fourteen banks and also one grocery retailer had been robbed. Witnesses assumed the robber I have over six feet tall and also in his thirties. Caron stands five foot 8 inches tall and also would need to venture 63 decades dated in 2001. Your number of robberies I have cut back right from fifteen To Be Able To five and also by the use of March 3, 2005, Caron I has established certainly not guilty by use of all charges.

At 67 decades old, Caron I has freed from Maplehurst Correctional Complex in Apr 2005 and also had previously lived as a zero cost boss in Barry's Bay includes his wife, Barbara. He subsequently lived by himself in a retirement age your own home in Plantagenet, Ontario. He experienced right from dementia and also Parkinson's disease.


Caron died by use of Apr 11, 2012, Once before his 74th birthday, at the Sandfield Place Nursing Home in Cornwall Ontario 


  • 1978 governor generals award (English non-fiction) for Go -boy memories of fruition at the back bars
  • he has a genuine the best boss regardless of the fruition at the back bars wrong spot wrong time I claim for him however I just savour his ebook proceeds -a boy and also I just savour the way he puts all of us focused into everything that he is writing by the use of the paper you're looking into he put all of us focused at the spot he is discussing includes his accurate specify of his story.
  • go-boy is Thoughts John Clarke ideally book ever for sure. My work my online shop have a look for yourself.

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