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Posted on 2021/10/09 08:02:12

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The EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot should be an exceptional lottery party that requires place often as well as functionalities big nine-figure jackpots. These rules all for The Euromillion Superdraw certainly are similar As for regular draws. This scale of The guaranteed prize should be The just difference.
Euromillions Superdraw requires place three periods a year. After all that contain well-prepared all for the following draw To Be Able To win!

How Do you Play The EuroMillions Superdraw?

  • It’s since easy-to-do since buying a regular EuroMillions jackpot ticket To Be Able To take part in the EuroMillions Superdraw.
  • First of all, if by chance consumers don’t must an account, You will be able to register all for The new one to play Euromillion online.
  • Now, login into The storage, as well as search To Be Able To The EuroMillions, listen to the board page
  • Choose five important numbers (1-50) as well as several Lucky Stars (1-12), or select lucky random numbers utilizing The Quick Choose (QP) option
  • Choose just how large amounts of EuroMillions lotto drawings you’d like to take part in. Tip: Assuming consumers select 20 draws, You will get a 5% discount
  • Click The green “Checkout” button To Be Able To verify out

Purchasing a Euromillion Superdraw jackpot ticket assures consumers don’t miss The Superdraw as well as almost any subsequent draws within any one date – Whether or not The jackpot prize quantity rolls over unexpectedly. And now Maintain checking Euromillion results.

What Happened in Recent Superdraw? hit here?

The succeeding certainly is The outcomes of the recent Euromillion Superdraw jackpot that drew lottery lovers worldwide.

6 June 2021 – €130 million – 1; UK

In 1st draw by use of 4 June 2021, an appropriate ticket offered in the United Kingdom won The complete €130 million jackpot. its 1st Superdraw jackpot won in the British Isles cause June 2019, as well as The fourth Euromillion jackpot, won in the British Isles cause The beginning of 2021.

26 February 2021 – €210 million – 1; Switzerland

A boosted €130 million Superdraw jackpot shattered all European records. It climbed To Be Able To €210 million before becoming claimed by an appropriate ticket offered in Switzerland by use of 26 February 2021. This superior success came about a little over eight weeks right after The earlier lottery index was achieved!

11 December 2020 – €200 million – 1; France

On 11 December 2020, an appropriate ticket bought in France shattered data stores since The Euromillion Superdraw jackpot surpassed The €200 million mark.

25 September 2020 – €130 million – 1; Spain

On 25 September 2020, Euromillion held a thrilling Superdraw who have a guaranteed improved jackpot of €130 million, which was won quickly by an appropriate blessed ticket offered in Spain. It's a Spanish player’s 3rd Euromillion Superdraw success in a row.

3 July of 2020 – €144 million – 1; Spain

After an appropriate rollover by a ticket bought in Spain by use of 3 July 2020, The Euromillion Superdraw jackpot reward of €144 million was claimed. This lottery party commenced who have a €130 million reward that can roll over To Be Able To surpass The €200 million jackpot ceiling by use of Euromillion!

7 February of 2020 – €130 million – 1; Spain

This Euromillion Superdraw was 1st To Be Able To contain held below The revised rules of The lottery. This prize can be carried over To Be Able To The new Euromillion jackpot ceiling of €200 million if by chance this hadn’t been won. It did not come about due to the fact that a lucky ticket bought in Madrid, Spain, won The guaranteed €130 million jackpot in the at the outset draw.

Euromillions Superdraw History

You could reservations in relation to while The Euromillion Superdraw jackpot started. here are all The FAQs.


  • On 9 February 2007, The Euromillion Superdraw was launched. France, Spain, The United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, as well as Switzerland were about The nine nations that took one in the primal draw. An appropriate player right from Belgium took the house The complete €100 million higher starting jackpot.
  • On 3 October 2014, The Superdraw jackpot rolled over six times, getting to be 1st Euromillion jackpot To Be Able To hit The € 190 million mark. An appropriate ticket bought in Portugal won this by use of 24 October.
  • The at the outset Euromillion Superdraw of 2016 took place by use of a few or many September, who have a new battledore and shuttlecock way as well as a superior inception jackpot of €130 million.
  • In 2020, an index some major Euromillion Superdraw was held. This year’s final draw took place by use of 20 November 2020. This jackpot hit Euromillion’s new €200 million jackpot ceiling before becoming won by an appropriate player right from France by use of 11 December 2020.
  • When The enhanced €130 million prizes hit The lottery’s €210 million ceilings by use of 26 February 2021, The Euromillion Superdraw by use of 5 February 2021 broke all European records. This jackpot maximum was upped a little over eight weeks before the victory.

Previous Euromillion Superdraw

Below should be a listing of all prior Euromillion Superdraw jackpots, including The dates They were held, whether or not The jackpot was won, as well as The offered jackpots. You will be able to attain merits by seeing in history balls To Be Able To listen to Euromillion online.

Date of SuperdrawWon or not?                                   Detailed informationBalls
Friday, 4 June 2021YesSomeone right from The United Kingdom won The €130 million (£111 million) jackpots by use of a similar night.
It was The UK’s ninth-largest lottery win. This lucky ticket holder contacted The National Lottery
less as compared with several days eventually To Be Able To imply their prize.
7, 20, 36, 40, 46 2 4
Friday, 20 November 2020NoOn The evening of The drawing, The jackpot rolled over. It on going until the time that this hit The €200 million ceilings by use of 4 December. It
remained all for several more drawings before becoming won by a ticket holder in France by use of 11 December.
6 9 13 24 forty-one 3 12
Friday, 25th September 2020YesOn Friday, 25 September, The latest Superdraw was held, which has a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million.
The complete sum was won by an anonymous ticket holder right from Valladolid, Spain.
19 23 34 37 45 1 7
Friday,3rd July 2020NoThe majority of recently released Superdraw was held by use of Friday, 3 July, who have a guaranteed prize of €130,000,000. There's was no winner that night; thus, The prize rolled over To Be Able To the following draw,
where one ticket holder right from Valladolid, Spain, won a €144 million jackpot.
6 16 a few or many thirty-eight forty-one 2 4
Friday, 7th February 2020YesOn The night, one Spanish ticket holder won a €130 million prize. It was 1st Superdraw
since The rules were altered To Be Able To raise The jackpot ceiling right from €100 million To Be Able To €200 million.
9 15 17 25 40 3 9
Friday, 4th October 2019NODue To Be Able To a bunch of rollovers, The jackpot all for The draw by use of 4 October suffered from by this time reached €190 million (€90 million above The least possible guaranteed €100 million all for The Superdraw),
The Match 5 + 2 Lucky Stars prize fund did not need almost any more money.
5 12 20 24 37 4 11

When should be the following Euromillion Superdraw of 2021?

Everyone should be excited To Be Able To Understand The date of Superdraw, Euromillion results, as well as To Be Able To listen to Euromillion online. This Euromillion Superdraw jackpot should be held 1-3 periods a year, as well as who have these big prizes, consumers won’t Do you want to miss out by use of almost any of them.

On Friday, 4 June 2021, the most recently released Euromillion Superdraw was held, which has a €130/£113 million prize up all for grabs. You will be able to check over the primary official internet site To Be Able To confirm The Euromillions jackpot. You will be able to furthermore check over Euromillion results.

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