How should Bitcoin privacy work on Mercury Wallet?

by John Clarke.

Posted on 2021/11/12 17:22:20

An often-quoted Bitcoin criticism is the deprivation of privacy as a result of the BTC blockchain becoming an open ledger visible So You Can all. But Mercury Wallet looks put to change the who have his layer-2 privacy solution.

Last month, Mercury Wallet released the beta detach of his privacy-enabled wallet. This technology they’ve developed allows owners So You Can securely send removed keys while incorporating a built-in link So You Can the CoinSwap dex So You Can facilitate the swapping of the keys.

The improvement side at the back MercuryWallet made engineered a clever way of sending removed keys around the various other owners and so, likewise made 1st bitcoin CoinSwap implementation going on MercuryWallet, really permitting owners So You Can exchange keys.

Not primarily should such pave the way all for super privacy going on the Bitcoin network, regardless it likewise a lot improves BTC scalability as well.

The side believes the Mercury Wallet is going to be the most beneficial leap forward all for Bitcoin considering the Lightning Network rolled out in January 2017.


How should Bitcoin privacy work on Mercury Wallet?

Mercury is a Bitcoin layer-2 scaling technology the runs going on a newly developed concept known as state chains. It enables removed keys all for BTC deposits (UTXOs) So You Can be moved securely amongst get-togethers lack of an on-chain transaction at the Ufficio layer.

Through such function, owners could connect full Bitcoin custody So You Can any person instantly, who have raised privacy and so, lack of attracting miners’ fees.

All of it is possible as a result of state chains, so as to the balanced elaborates on as a “cryptographic structure” made build-up of the series of the digital signatures the connections token ownership of a certain state coin around alternative owners.

Like a blockchain, the state chain supplies immutable cryptographic proof of ownership and has fraud fail-safes So You Can prevent double-spending.

Facilitating such methods is the use of a “state coin. ” A state coin corresponds So You Can a specific quantity of the Bitcoin deposited So You Can an eliminate who have the removed main split amongst the depositor and so, a Mercury server.

The depositor can hold a time-locked “backup transaction,” providing them with the correct So You Can imply be responsible for the coin after a put occasion lock period. This removed main of the statecoin isn't recognized usage any party, and so, the holder and so, state chain entity needs the two symptoms a transaction So You Can detach it.

More concerning states coins

In essence, state coins carry out atomic swaps in blinded organizations hosted usage a “conductor” that doesn’t recognize that swapped so as to coins beforehand.

This protocol uses a blind signature scheme So You Can stop any celebration from reconstructing the coin’s history. Therefore, providing Mercury owners with a formidable privacy program at their disposal.

It operates using the “conductor” showcasing many alternative exchange pools of the alternative sizes and so, denominations of the statecoins, for instance, 0.001 BTC and/or 0.1 BTC. Users could make a choice any of their state coins and so, include them So You Can any pool.

The state coins at this point in time possess a 3-month expiry period; who have the expiry getting progressively shorter, the much more it is transferred. Essentially such means the state coin is “broadcast back” So You Can the Bitcoin network.


To popularize the Lightning Network going on his release, Bitcoin association writers launched the #lightningtorch campaign to encourage his use.

This boosted the practice rate, best So You Can a primary 2.8 mill satoshis changing fingers close to 150 periods around 39 countries.

Similarly, Mercury, and so, his supporters, desire So You Can borrow enlightenment from such efforts of the grassroots practice underneath the #statechaintorch.

CommerceBlock CEO Nicholas Gregory said the efforts have helped So You Can unearth bugs and so, challenges during such beta release, assuring her or him of the sturdy association provide support for at the back the project.

“We did not consider designing #statechaintorch, it i has began usage someone outside of the the team, however, it’s have been great, becoming a beta product, a few owners possess established bugs and so, challenges the people experienced not guess of the and so, it be simply great So You Can see the manhandle pause in real-time and so, people fix the concern and so, onboard completely new users.”

Mercury anticipates various other projects certainly will come sit onboard So You Can end up with protocols the operate going on the state chain.

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