Hype.codes Innovating the Hype.codes tech media portal

by John Clarke.

Posted on 2021/11/12 20:05:36


Innovating the Hype. codes tech media portal

The challenge

The founders of Hype. codes approached us with the goal of building a media portal that could moment the most modern and relevant information on programming technologies, tech innovations, and blockchain and cryptocurrency development. The client had partnered who have other media companies, cryptocurrency leaders, and online content creators, and they had been struggling to dominate the technology-related media market. We had three mths to develop an impressive portal that has a vastly new design and identity as compared to its competitors. They were looking for a partner who could produce a website that precisely reflected their ethos of something “new, stylish, unique” and featured a streamlined, user-friendly combination to ensure that readers did not miss any important news.

hype codes portal

Design and development

The Hype. codes team wanted to use the open-source Drupal platform, as it facilitates the building of amazing digital happenings and is more better and affordable as compared to other fixes that the market has to offer. We used innovations prefer Drupal and Bootstrap to ensure that the content producers and the users could get the best notice on the two on desktop and mobile devices, as the portal was made responsive and compatible for all devices.

We wanted to make certain that the Hype. codes team had a practical, user-friendly admin panel, so we integrated a convenient content management system. We also included a feature that ensures that ads and news banners on the portal do not negatively alter the interface or the structure of the news sections. The portal wanted to be easy to navigate, so we utilized intuitive browsing components and inserted the search selection in the header of every page.

The Hype. codes someone who found envisioned a creative, user-friendly information portal that could gain the attention of readers who have a completely new identity as compared to all other existing crypto-related portals. To keep up with the fast-paced universe of media, the portal wanted to be flexible and easily updated. So we designed the portal in a way that permitted the layout, interface, and colour method to be easily changed as needed. Our marketing, technical, content, and graphics professionals manufactured certain that the website scored large on all fronts. In just several months, Hype. codes had everything it needed for a successful start: an outstanding identity, a brand book, a fresh design, a convenient user interface, and a streamlined content management system.

The result

Hype. codes have become a valuable resource for IT professionals, web developers, and anyone with an interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The portal produces the latest information on software innovations and their real-life use and provides the most current, pertinent updates on financial markets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain-related projects, and forecasts for the future of programming languages and technologies.

The user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and responsive design helped Hype. codes improve their marchio exposure, gain new readers, and build stronger partnerships who have existing users. Hype. codes are now well established in both the European and American IT and crypto communities, and the team is a frequent guest at tech conferences all over the world.

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